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A society in which no form of violence is tolerated.


To ensure that all residents of the Southeast can live in safety and free from violence.


Openness, fairness, integrity, excellence and transparency.


One woman in five in Canadais a victim of some form of violence by an intimate partner.

The Violence Prevention Centre intervenes more than 800 times annually.

It is estimated that some 362,000 children are exposed to family violence in Canada every year.

Serenity House receives approximately 50 women and children yearly.

Violence Prevention Centre

The Violence Prevention Centre helps victims of violence and individuals displaying violent or aggressive behaviour. The Centre offers various therapeutic programs.

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Boreal Child and Youth Expertise Centre

After a sexual assault is reported, the victim and parent come to the Boreal Centre to receive the services they need. Children immediately receive medical, legal and psychological services on-site. Social workers guide the family through the legal process and the victim quickly receives specialized therapeutic services. The parent receives the necessary assistance and advice to support the family.

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Counter and eliminate all forms of violence

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